a poem for the month

I am acutely aware that we have stumbled into the ‘month of love’. If all was right in the world, men would be able to go into a deep coma on the onset of this bloody month and wake up sometime in March. Personally, I have been flirting with some half formed ideas of ignoring the girlfriend for the duration of the month and then resurfacing with flowers and a winning smile later. But knowing women as I do, nobody would ever find my body. So, instead, I will confess that I am not a romantic. I only bother with matters of the heart in my writing. But I know someone who is.

This was supposed to be an introduction. Sorry, Dave, I tend to ramble. Old readers are no doubt familiar with the work of one David Kiriinya, who has been featured occasionally on this blog. To the new readers, all you need to know about Dave is this: he leans a lot towards the romantic genre. I honestly believe he watches soap operas. As such, it seems only right that he should be the one to usher us into the dreary month that is February, with another of those mushy poetic efforts that we all hope have sexual undertones.

So, to the girlfriend, and all the ladies whose boyfriends have gotten too wise to buy into the Valentines nonsense, this one is for you. And on behalf of all the men who would rather be dropping from cliffs.


By David Kiriinya.

You complete my world with the last dot
Like a painter’s painting, a masterpiece of sorts
To set on course these feelings of affection
And steer for greatness, with skill and perfection
Your lovely heart has been my preferred alcove
And in mine I’ve set for you an eternal abode
Where we can sample the delights of this love
As I tell you of your presence in my every nerve

The happiness in me bubbles without measure
Since I met you, because you are a worthy treasure
Joy and pleasure have since been my friends
A worthy feeling right from start to end
I could never trade you for a billion bucks
Because to lose you I would surely go nuts
I’d only love to surrender to your wily charms
For I can never find solace, except in your arms

A question I ask, where you were earlier
While I traversed in search for one without barrier
To take hostage my faltering heart
And nurture it back to health for a fresh start
Indeed you were sent by the gods, from leagues afar
An emissary of love, with twinkling eyes like the northern star
With a tune of the future and a dance for today
That soft lull of the lute that beckons me to stay

Down the aisle is where I long to walk
With you by my side even if they talk
To cherish and hold for all seasons
And enjoy serene peace like the doves and the pigeons
To call out your name at the break of dawn
At the height of climax, as we scream and groan
On the endless beaches, smooth and sandy
In our secret hideaway with ourselves for company


6 thoughts on “a poem for the month

  1. For the record i do not watch soap operas….mushensi!!
    So you are saying that you are not romantic, well for starters, the endless ‘free’ assignments behind the confines of L do not suffice i presume??


  2. hehe i knew i had touched on a raw nerve…well i do not have to go to great lengths explaining further but i am sure she concurs with my humble assertion….


  3. disappearing for the duration and coming back with a what?flowers and a winning smile? your darn right nobody would ever find your body!!
    emphasis on ever



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