By David Kiriinya:

I was at a crossroads. Looking at her lovely face and full
radiant smile, that smile that had always tied my stomach into knots, I could almost tell what was going on in her mind.The question was like a thunderbolt,
reverberating right through the inner sanctum leaving
sober realizations in its
wake. I was almost transfixed. It had seemed a pipe dream earlier on during the many escapades but today was white solid
reality. Damn! Even the mighty fall at one time, my friend upstairs assured me.We had come a long way together with
him and today would be no different, so I thought. He
would mock me then offer a
way through as usual, wouldn’t he? Oftentimes he had
proved a priceless pal and a total jerk in equal measure but I did not blame him anyway. The copious amounts of distilled liquids he quaffed fortnightly must be taking a toll on him.

I was indeed on the threshold of maturity, a sober leap
into that mightily famed world of responsibility, with a
couple dozen pairs of
excited eyes awaiting those binding words to escape my
mouth. The priest was waiting, and so was she in all radiance and ethereal beauty. Oh yes, she was dazzling, just to be modest. Right from the white, silk
imported dress that had cost mighty a dime, to the sheer stilettos that blended seamlessly with her delicate feet, she undoubtedly stood out among many, many of whom I shall not
name in the best interest of us all, including my friend upstairs. We had agreed so eons ago before this conquest conquered us both.
In the bright chapel lights, her curvy feminine features were but enhanced by the figure-hugging outfit and array of tinkling precious metals resting on her graceful neck and along her soft
ears.The subject of her
endowment resonated with all, including the elderly priest. If the groan that had escaped him after he sighted her ample derriere is anything to go by, then it was
evident to all and sundry; Sandra was that woman who could make the Chief of Defense Forces salute with all limbs alert, if you get what I mean.

This was the ultimate moment, the culmination of many a days’ pursuit of the woman now before me. I did not, for one single moment doubt her undying love for me or her pure intentions. She had that good heart. She was special. But really, she didn’t deserve me. I was her opposite extreme. Whereas her heart found comfort in one man, mine was a generous abode to many of the fairer sex whose heart statuses have been to date, attributed to my careless deeds. But could I really help it, turn anew and abandon my old self? It is not once that they had
accused me of emotional
bankrupcy, an accusation that always made me cringe. Until then, I had always been made to believe I possess vast amounts of
the said ingredient but the high turnout told a different story.
Sandra did not deserve the man that I was, by all standards. Her tears and pain would only add to the anguish, with her heart broken to smithereens all courtesy of me, thank you. But honestly, I could not let it go to that stage, not unless i never cared, which I did. I had to make a decision, one that would save her and preserve her good heart for a worthier soul. My mind was made up despite my troubled conscience. It had to happen. But before you get your knickers in a twist and label me callous, let
me tell you how it all began………




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