By David Kiriinya

In the wake of dawn and onset of sunset
All things gone haywire and berserk
The ricochet of guns bullets and shells
Bursting the ear like the din of death bells

From dawn to dusk the race of time
No delay only haste, or else they maim
With no remorse nor heart, brutally killing
No compromise, totally without feeling

In the dead of night slowly advancing
Like a nocturnal predator, stealthily approaching
With the thirst for blood too overpowering
A menace they became, a danger to the weakling

Swift as wind they rush forward
A complete ambush without turning backward
Taken by rude awe and shock
Hopelessly succumbing to the chop on the block

In the hazy light of the bitter morning
Bodies strewn about, everywhere mourning
Deathly stillness, hollow silence
Indeed a masterpiece of tailored violence


4 thoughts on “IN THE WAKE OF DAWN:

  1. this is…. theres not enough words to describe it. the writing is exemplary… cheers to us writers…

    visit my blog sometime too…



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