By David Kiriinya

I have so many words to say
But I wish you will not say nay
Your nature as always so caring
The reason I fondly call you darling

You linger in my mind from dawn to dusk
The slither of your tongue still fresh on my lips
My heart yearns for you, a small matter I ask
To again feel you in my arms, the warmth of your hips.

You are that lovely paint that has coloured my world
That I can now smile than be sad
My lips yearn for your fervent hot kisses
And I can only count the beats that my heart misses

I had not expected such agility and finesse
But alas! None matches your class or likeness
You evoke myriad emotions with that sculptured curve
Oh baby, how you send a shiver in my nerve!

And slowly a fairy tale spun into being
Cos at first sight I couldn’t believe what I was seeing
You were my damsel and I the prince
And from then on it has been joy and happiness ever since


5 thoughts on “MARVEL:

  1. It’s true, I agree with Beti, had i not seen “by David ” I would have thought its Guss.
    On a lighter note, i think the two of you should write articles together and let the battles begin….cz hell i can also write a sonnet.(Kazi kwako Davi)……..


  2. Oh and what the hell is it with men and writing about women ALL the time, ….why cant you write about that chicken that successfully chased away a dog…m just sayin.
    And BTW Guss once again tell Ur editor mafans wanataka smiley faces…nkt



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