the gods of writing

The gods of writing, the authorities that be;
With their garments of prose and crowns of satire,
In their thrones of lore, the gods conspire,
To take their grace and love from me.
The god of drama, he watches with despair,
As my flair for the dramatic flickers and dies;
The goddess of poetry, she sees with knowing eyes,
My shattered heart and the lost song in its every layer.
He laughs in my face, the god of humor,
While I implore the heavens to rain down inspiration.
The gods of sarcasm, imagery and allusion,
Discount my upturned face and ignore me from afar.
Or do they love me still, and I lament in vain?
Or is it their will, that I never write again?


3 thoughts on “the gods of writing

  1. I told you this and I will tell you again – I absolutely loved the poem! It was touching and moving to me because I could relate to it. Writer’s block, lack of inspiration… You summed it all up in this beautiful sonnet. Wow! Your creativity surely has no bounds. Well done!



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