She has the loveliest, the most divine of faces;
The milkiest, the deepest, the most exquisite eyes;
The softest of soft lips,
The brightest of all smiles-
Methinks I am in love.

In my mind, where time accounts for naught,
Where whispering winds and teasing tides,
Witness our lingering kiss,
Within the confines of my mind-
Methinks I am in love

So here’s to profound beauty,
To the poetry of her lithe body,
The blossom and fragrancy of her grace,
And the potency of proximity-
Here’s to similar sentiments,
Lively potrayals of tender affections,
That are yet unsaid, perhaps unacknowledged.
But mostly, here’s to her.

I want, I need, I must have;
I cannot sleep, I see her in waking dreams;
I yearn, I burn, I yearn some more;
And when finally at peace,
Methinks I am in love.


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